Outdoor Lighting Focus: Unique Lighting

Unique Lighting offers both quality and versatility in today’s landscape lighting market

imagesUnique has emerged as one of the main innovators in today’s outdoor lighting marketing by coming up with the idea of a multi-tap transformer as well as other innovative approaches. For instance, many of Unique’s landscape fixtures come equipped with floating sockets, which allow for most MR-16 LED and halogen lamps. Also, all of the Unique lighting fixtures have a 25 foot lead. The reason for this is because it allows for a voltage drop from 12.5 volts at the hub to 12.0 volts at the fixture.

product-valorUnique offers a wide range of fixtures and LED lamps from up and down lights, to path lights, step lights, floods, in-grade, transformers, and LED lamps. Unique’s landscape lighting fixtures are made of brass and copper and weather the climate much better than a lot of the competition. One of our favorite bangs for the buck is the Valor. The Valor is a solid spun brass, solid up light with a 25’ lead. Its price point puts a quality Unique brass bullet in your hand at a price you can sell.

Unique also has a free Apple IPad app to help you be more successful as a landscape lighting installer. You can lay out your next installation in minutes and calculate voltage drop and wire size circuits for both incandescent and LED lamps. Click here to download the app.

We feel that when it comes to outdoor and landscape lighting, choose Unique Lighting for your quality, versatility, and dependability. And, of course, come to us at Outdoor Lighting Distributors to get the best deals.