Outdoor Lighting and Boars Head

Do I really need to buy brand name when it comes to outdoor lighting?

Having four kids can take a beating not only me, but everything else in their path. The latest casualty was one of the door handles on my car. After eight years of kids pulling on them, one finally broke. I went to the auto part store and ordered what we’ll call a “value” replacement part, and soon enough, the broken handle was fixed at a very low cost.

However, this “value” part did not last three months! The two youngest kids, who are the perfect height for destruction, pulled out and down on the handle at the same time, and it snapped right off. So, less than 90 days from the first replacement, the handle had to be replaced yet again.

Learning my lesson, this time I went to the dealership and bought a quality OEM handle and it’s easy to tell the difference. While it may look the same, the quality and durability are guaranteed, and though I may have paid a bit more, it’s going to last me much more than three months.

This lesson also applies to your outdoor lighting and design business. You can always sell low price products to your customers, but when they fail, the customer is going to be looking to you to make it right. You might be able to sell them something else, but many times they’ll expect a free replacement. And while it may be the product that failed, their perception of your product and service can seriously impact your bottom line and future sales.

Boars Head Meats has a great slogan: “Compromise Elsewhere.” This slogan also applies to outdoor lighting and design. If you provide quality products with your quality service, the job will be done correctly the first time, and you’ll be more efficient, more profitable, and more successful in the long term. Do you want to keep going to your wallet to replace fixtures that are unreliable? Of course not.