LIGHTFAIR International 2015 from a landscape lighting perspective

I had the opportunity to make my way to New York City to attend LIGHTFAIR International 2015. Landscape and outdoor lighting may be just a small piece of the pie at LIGHTFAIR, but it was well represented with manufacturers and all the new products soon to be available to us. Here are some of the things that caught my eye and some I didn’t care too much for. First off, color changing at the fixture. Both FX Luminaire and SPJ had their spin on this and both are equally impressive with the smart phone app. You have the ability to set each fixture with its own unique color and brightness and control it all from your smartphone. Speaking of color, Light Tape by Electro-LuminX is a great product to let your imagination go wild with colored tape. On the practical side, Brilliance LED is going to be introducing a line of long needed, what I’ll call, path light LED’s with a bi-pin, 3156 and SCB. I would say the only thing I didn’t like about LIGHTFAIR was that everyone was promising they had the latest and greatest in LED’s and throwing it right in your face, from both domestic and international manufacturers. My recommendation is that nobody has LED completely figured out, so stick with a trusted manufacturer for landscape lighting, one with a long track record for standing behind their product when it does fail.