Kichler Light and Learn

Kichler Light and Learn August 4-6th, 2015

Earlier this month, Kichler hosted an educational and informative seminar in Cleveland, OH duly named “Kichler Light and Learn”. The conference was attended by contractors all across the US and also Outdoor Lighting Distributors with a select few of our customers. The three day conference covered landscape lighting in various situations, new technologies, partnerships, and how to utilize marketing to grow your business.

Kichler brought in speakers to cover these topics including, Randall Whitehead, Tommy the Lighting Greek, Paul Gosselin, Jeff Dross and Marty Grunder. Our first day was spent touring their corporate headquarters and meeting those in charge. Tour continued taking us through and meeting their many departments. One of them was modeling, where they showed us how they design and fabricate new ideas. We also toured customer relations, ATS (Kichler’s service for specifying your design for free) and their massive warehouse. Afterward, we were treated to a wonderful dinner and night at the casino.

Our second day was a full day of how-to lighting ideas and comments and understanding of these ideas. Then we ended up with marketing strategies for growing your business. The most informative was the Landscape Lighting and Design Solutions session with Randall Whitehead. He discussed different applications of light usage in creating different moods.

Our final day covered new advancements in the LED marketplace. Then we closed with a fabulous speaker, Marty Grunder, who inspired us with how to grow and increase sales. He focused on how personal relationships can help you in your entrepreneurial business. His main key points are to treat people like people, give them respect they deserve, and make sure they know they matter.

The three days were very well planned out. There was never a dull moment and it even provided a couple of laughs. Overall, it was very informative and we had a great time with our amazing customers.