Ways to increase your email open rates

emailAs a business owner, when you send out your email marketing campaigns, do you monitor your open rate results? Do you spend time wondering how to increase them? Why do some customers open them more than others? Was your subject line the best it could be?

Here are some ways to increase your email open rates.

1. Break your email list into smaller groups.
By cutting your master email list into smaller segments, and modifying your content to more directly target that specific subset of your audience, you will increase the chances they open your email. An email sent to 30 people, all in the same industry, with content specific for that industry, is much more likely to be opened than an email sent to 1,000 people with much more generic information.

If you have one large master email list, think about ways you re-group them. Some options include organizing your contacts based on their location, company size, industry, interests, or purchasing behavior.

2. Get Personal
Content that is target to a specific group, with information they can use, will increase the likelihood that your email well get opened. Think about ways to make your subscribers feel invested in your business by offering something of value. A common practice is to use the 80/20 rule, where 80 percent of your content offers value to your subscribers and 20 percent is promotional content.

3. Keep it Fresh
Try referencing current events, news or political topics to keep your content interesting. You don’t need to write an entire article, just a sentence or two on a hot topic to catch people’s interest. Incorporating the latest trends in social media into your content will demonstrate to your subscribers that you are up to date on what’s happening, and you might spark some interest.

4. Manage your Contact List
How often are you sorting through your contacts to check for addresses with ongoing issues? Spend some time getting your contact list organized and look for opportunities to resolve any issues with addresses that may be out of date.