How to make more money this year as a landscape lighting contractor

119516The single most profitable day is the day you devote to developing your marketing plan for your landscape lighting business. Research studies have repeatedly shown that businesses with a marketing plan continuously outperform those that don’t by 25-30% on an annual basis. So why do less than 1% of all contractors actually do it.

You are an entrepreneur. You started your business because you had a dream, you wanted to be your own boss and you wanted to make money. We all want to make money. And we’ve all heard it- you have to spend money to make money. Marketing is the best place to spend money to make more money.

But we sometimes go at it without a plan, throwing money at ads that aren’t working or guessing at what is working.  We know everyone is busy and it’s easy to let this slip but we promise you it’s key to your growth and success as a landscape lighting pro.

Here is our 5 Step Plan to Make you More Money:

  1. Take a day and review last year’s performance.
  2.  Establish sales goal for the next year
  3. Review what type of marketing or advertising worked and did not work last year.
  4. Develop a marketing budget.
  5. On a 12 month calendar, plan out all of your marketing promotion so that you have something in place to generate business for you at all key times of the year. And writing it down, helps hold you more accountable.

Most importantly is to do all the above. If you want more tips about how to increase sales or just need some support give us a call at Outdoor Lighting Distributors at 888-673-3653. We are here to answer all of your questions.