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CAST No-Ox Marine-Grade Wire for Landscape Lighting

The corrosive effects of the outdoor environment present unique challenges to landscape lighting. Every component of the landscape lighting system is subject to heat, moisture, and physical abuse. Landscape lighting wire is especially critical since its corrosion leads to degradation of lamp performance and can potentially lead to system failures.

All outdoor wire is subject to “wicking.” Wicking is the migration of water and electrolytes under wire insulation. This moisture...

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What to look for when selecting a LED lamp

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. The diode is the “yellow button” on the panel and is controlled by a driver. The driver changes AC, or alternating current, to DC, or direct current. The diode is either on or off.

We get a lot of calls at Outdoor Lighting asking what is the LED-equivalent to “X” watts incandescent? Believe it or not, the answer is not that simple.

When selecting a LED lamp, consider the following to make the best selection:

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How To Program an Astronomical Timer (Intermatic DT620)

Follow these steps to Program an Astronomical Timer (Intermatic DT620) for your next outdoor landscape lighting installation. Click Here to watch an instructional video on how to program the DT620 timer. Remove separator card from back battery compartment. Set current Time & Date. Whatever is blinking on the display is what you will be changing. Turn the dial till the correct hour is showing, press OK. Now the minutes will be blinking again turn the dial till the...

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How Do I Sell Landscape Lighting Maintenance and Service Agreements?

Better Question – How do I create a recurring revenue stream for my company?

First, all landscape lighting installs should come with a full one year warranty on everything! Period – no questions asked, with the only exceptions being lighting strike, vandalism, or theft. During this first year you must visit the property several times and perform all the service necessary to make sure the system looks and performs as good as the day it was installed. Make the...

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LIGHTFAIR International 2015 from a landscape lighting perspective

I had the opportunity to make my way to New York City to attend LIGHTFAIR International 2015. Landscape and outdoor lighting may be just a small piece of the pie at LIGHTFAIR, but it was well represented with manufacturers and all the new products soon to be available to us. Here are some of the things that caught my eye and some I didn’t care too much for. First off, color changing at the fixture. Both FX Luminaire and SPJ had their spin on this and both are equally impressive with the...

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Training Seminar- Low Voltage Transformers

Our latest training seminar covered transformer troubleshooting tips and tricks.  We had three different 600 Watt low voltage transformers, Unique, Universal 22 tap and a Kichler 15 tap.  Kichler and Universal work with breakers while the Unique transformer has a fusing system.  All equally good, you just need to know the subtleties of each. 

If you couldn’t make it out in person, here’s a quick summary of topics we hit. 

So when...

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Tech Tip: Countering Voltage Drop

With regard to electricity, voltage is best described as pressure. Think of a garden hose of .5” diameter that is 50 feet long. Let’s hook it up to a spigot and turn it on full blast, we’ll have pretty good pressure at the nozzle end right? Now let’s add 100 feet of the same size hose, and we get a large reduction in pressure at the nozzle. It works the same with electricity. Longer wire = greater resistance = lower voltage (pressure). Given that we need 150 feet of hose (or wire),...

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