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CAST No-Ox Marine-Grade Wire for Landscape Lighting

The corrosive effects of the outdoor environment present unique challenges to landscape lighting. Every component of the landscape lighting system is subject to heat, moisture, and physical abuse. Landscape lighting wire is especially critical since its corrosion leads to degradation of lamp performance and can potentially lead to system failures.

All outdoor wire is subject to “wicking.” Wicking is the migration of water and electrolytes under wire insulation. This moisture...

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Offer LED turtle lighting for coastal properties

Outdoor Lighting Distributors is proud to sell LED turtle safe and LED turtle friendly outdoor lighting.

With LED turtle lighting, you can add beauty and security to your customer’s coastal properties while protecting one of our most beautiful endangered species.

For example, Brilliance LED manufacturers approved Amber LED turtle safe lighting that emit safe-range wavelengths from 585-595 nanometers.

Please partner with us to help preserve a 110 million year old...

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What to look for when selecting a LED lamp

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. The diode is the “yellow button” on the panel and is controlled by a driver. The driver changes AC, or alternating current, to DC, or direct current. The diode is either on or off.

We get a lot of calls at Outdoor Lighting asking what is the LED-equivalent to “X” watts incandescent? Believe it or not, the answer is not that simple.

When selecting a LED lamp, consider the following to make the best selection:

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What do Bass Pro and Kichler Light Pro Rewards have in common?

How many of you shop around for credit cards based on the “extra” benefits you may receive? Points earned for travel, dining, gift cards, even cash back? I know my husband uses his Bass Pro Shops MasterCard, (which we nicknamed “Bass”terCard) for points that he has redeemed on new hunting and fishing gear, and most recently, a new camp chair for me. Yes, I’m so lucky.

But did you know the same benefits you have come to expect and enjoy from your credit card may also be...

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Breakfast of Champions for Outdoor Landscape Lighting

On September 10, Kichler and Outdoor Lighting hosted a “Breakfast of Champions” recognizing Outdoor Lighting Distributor’s Top Ten customers. The event was held at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando and was a generous gesture to show our appreciation, as well as honor our customers’ loyalty to both Outdoor Lighting Distributors and Kichler.

The morning started with a warm welcome, which was followed by a great breakfast. The Kichler team introduced themselves and talked about...

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How To Program an Astronomical Timer (Intermatic DT620)

Follow these steps to Program an Astronomical Timer (Intermatic DT620) for your next outdoor landscape lighting installation. Click Here to watch an instructional video on how to program the DT620 timer. Remove separator card from back battery compartment. Set current Time & Date. Whatever is blinking on the display is what you will be changing. Turn the dial till the correct hour is showing, press OK. Now the minutes will be blinking again turn the dial till the...

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Training Seminar- Low Voltage Transformers

Our latest training seminar covered transformer troubleshooting tips and tricks.  We had three different 600 Watt low voltage transformers, Unique, Universal 22 tap and a Kichler 15 tap.  Kichler and Universal work with breakers while the Unique transformer has a fusing system.  All equally good, you just need to know the subtleties of each. 

If you couldn’t make it out in person, here’s a quick summary of topics we hit. 

So when...

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Outdoor Lighting Focus: Unique Lighting

Unique Lighting offers both quality and versatility in today’s landscape lighting market

Unique has emerged as one of the main innovators in today’s outdoor lighting marketing by coming up with the idea of a multi-tap transformer as well as other innovative approaches. For instance, many of Unique’s landscape fixtures come equipped with floating sockets, which allow for most MR-16 LED and halogen lamps. Also, all of the Unique lighting fixtures have a 25...

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