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Outdoor Lighting and Boars Head

Do I really need to buy brand name when it comes to outdoor lighting?

Having four kids can take a beating not only me, but everything else in their path. The latest casualty was one of the door handles on my car. After eight years of kids pulling on them, one finally broke. I went to the auto part store and ordered what we’ll call a “value” replacement part, and soon enough, the broken handle was fixed at a very low cost.

However, this “value”...

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Offer LED turtle lighting for coastal properties

Outdoor Lighting Distributors is proud to sell LED turtle safe and LED turtle friendly outdoor lighting.

With LED turtle lighting, you can add beauty and security to your customer’s coastal properties while protecting one of our most beautiful endangered species.

For example, Brilliance LED manufacturers approved Amber LED turtle safe lighting that emit safe-range wavelengths from 585-595 nanometers.

Please partner with us to help preserve a 110 million year old...

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What do Bass Pro and Kichler Light Pro Rewards have in common?

How many of you shop around for credit cards based on the “extra” benefits you may receive? Points earned for travel, dining, gift cards, even cash back? I know my husband uses his Bass Pro Shops MasterCard, (which we nicknamed “Bass”terCard) for points that he has redeemed on new hunting and fishing gear, and most recently, a new camp chair for me. Yes, I’m so lucky.

But did you know the same benefits you have come to expect and enjoy from your credit card may also be...

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Breakfast of Champions for Outdoor Landscape Lighting

On September 10, Kichler and Outdoor Lighting hosted a “Breakfast of Champions” recognizing Outdoor Lighting Distributor’s Top Ten customers. The event was held at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando and was a generous gesture to show our appreciation, as well as honor our customers’ loyalty to both Outdoor Lighting Distributors and Kichler.

The morning started with a warm welcome, which was followed by a great breakfast. The Kichler team introduced themselves and talked about...

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Ways to increase your email open rates

As a business owner, when you send out your email marketing campaigns, do you monitor your open rate results? Do you spend time wondering how to increase them? Why do some customers open them more than others? Was your subject line the best it could be?

Here are some ways to increase your email open rates.

1. Break your email list into smaller groups. By cutting your master email list into smaller segments, and modifying your content to more directly target...

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Kichler Light and Learn

Kichler Light and Learn August 4-6th, 2015

Earlier this month, Kichler hosted an educational and informative seminar in Cleveland, OH duly named “Kichler Light and Learn”. The conference was attended by contractors all across the US and also Outdoor Lighting Distributors with a select few of our customers. The three day conference covered landscape lighting in various situations, new technologies, partnerships, and how to utilize marketing to grow your business. ...

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American Society of Landscape Architects

Ryan had a chance to attend this years American Society of Landscape Architects (ALSA) conference for the state of Florida here in Orlando.

The trade show event was very well organized, well represented by the major manufacturers and provided great information on new products. There were a number of informative courses offered. Topics included Designing and Space Shaping, Trail Systems in Seminole County, Insights into Landscape Sustainability, Low Impact Development, Sea Change,...

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3 Steps to Better Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation Sales

We often hear from our customers that closing a sale for outdoor lighting design and installation can be one of the most challenging (and frustrating) tasks involved in lighting design and installation. You can have the best price, the best product and the best service, but the job goes to one of your competitors. Instead of continuously cutting your price perhaps more focus should be placed on how the customer perceives you or your sales team. Do you seem rushed and ready to move on to...

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Training Seminar- Low Voltage Transformers

Our latest training seminar covered transformer troubleshooting tips and tricks.  We had three different 600 Watt low voltage transformers, Unique, Universal 22 tap and a Kichler 15 tap.  Kichler and Universal work with breakers while the Unique transformer has a fusing system.  All equally good, you just need to know the subtleties of each. 

If you couldn’t make it out in person, here’s a quick summary of topics we hit. 

So when...

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Three Ways to increase your profits as a Landscape Contractor

Landscaping contractors and small businesses in the outdoor living industry know that the business is prone to a feast or famine mentality. We work with a lot of landscaping and outdoor living companies and wanted to share three ways to bring more money to your bottom line.

1. Add landscape lighting to your list of services you provide After all the beautiful work the homeowner has just paid you to do, they often need the extra touch that lighting provides. ...

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