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CAST No-Ox Marine-Grade Wire for Landscape Lighting

The corrosive effects of the outdoor environment present unique challenges to landscape lighting. Every component of the landscape lighting system is subject to heat, moisture, and physical abuse. Landscape lighting wire is especially critical since its corrosion leads to degradation of lamp performance and can potentially lead to system failures.

All outdoor wire is subject to “wicking.” Wicking is the migration of water and electrolytes under wire insulation. This moisture...

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What to look for when selecting a LED lamp

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. The diode is the “yellow button” on the panel and is controlled by a driver. The driver changes AC, or alternating current, to DC, or direct current. The diode is either on or off.

We get a lot of calls at Outdoor Lighting asking what is the LED-equivalent to “X” watts incandescent? Believe it or not, the answer is not that simple.

When selecting a LED lamp, consider the following to make the best selection:

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Brilliance LED launches new all Ceramic Beacon Series LED lights

The Beacon Series rolls out a Green Industry first with our all ceramic line of fine retrofit LED lamps. By replacing the aluminum base with ceramic, we are achieving a high level of eco-sensitivity, and lowering the overall carbon footprint of our manufacturing process. The use of ceramic also reduces the need for additional adhesives, fully insulates, reduces shock hazards, and dissipates heat twice as fast. Most importantly, the Beacon series provides 200 lumens of the highest...

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Kichler Light and Learn

Kichler Light and Learn August 4-6th, 2015

Earlier this month, Kichler hosted an educational and informative seminar in Cleveland, OH duly named “Kichler Light and Learn”. The conference was attended by contractors all across the US and also Outdoor Lighting Distributors with a select few of our customers. The three day conference covered landscape lighting in various situations, new technologies, partnerships, and how to utilize marketing to grow your business. ...

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How To Program an Astronomical Timer (Intermatic DT620)

Follow these steps to Program an Astronomical Timer (Intermatic DT620) for your next outdoor landscape lighting installation. Click Here to watch an instructional video on how to program the DT620 timer. Remove separator card from back battery compartment. Set current Time & Date. Whatever is blinking on the display is what you will be changing. Turn the dial till the correct hour is showing, press OK. Now the minutes will be blinking again turn the dial till the...

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3 Steps to Better Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation Sales

We often hear from our customers that closing a sale for outdoor lighting design and installation can be one of the most challenging (and frustrating) tasks involved in lighting design and installation. You can have the best price, the best product and the best service, but the job goes to one of your competitors. Instead of continuously cutting your price perhaps more focus should be placed on how the customer perceives you or your sales team. Do you seem rushed and ready to move on to...

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Sales Techniques that Work in Outdoor Lighting

Our May Tuesday Sales seminar last week was a big hit for all who attended, including awarding a couple of 100 dollar gift certificate door prizes, proving it pays to get educated in Outdoor Lighting.

We covered many of the new age sales techniques primarily focusing on consultant sales,  creating a level of trust and confidence with the client and one call closings using  proven buzz words to make that close. Attendees also learned techniques to enhance their...

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Three Ways to increase your profits as a Landscape Contractor

Landscaping contractors and small businesses in the outdoor living industry know that the business is prone to a feast or famine mentality. We work with a lot of landscaping and outdoor living companies and wanted to share three ways to bring more money to your bottom line.

1. Add landscape lighting to your list of services you provide After all the beautiful work the homeowner has just paid you to do, they often need the extra touch that lighting provides. ...

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Tech Tip: Countering Voltage Drop

With regard to electricity, voltage is best described as pressure. Think of a garden hose of .5” diameter that is 50 feet long. Let’s hook it up to a spigot and turn it on full blast, we’ll have pretty good pressure at the nozzle end right? Now let’s add 100 feet of the same size hose, and we get a large reduction in pressure at the nozzle. It works the same with electricity. Longer wire = greater resistance = lower voltage (pressure). Given that we need 150 feet of hose (or wire),...

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