CAST No-Ox Marine-Grade Wire for Landscape Lighting

The corrosive effects of the outdoor environment present unique challenges to landscape lighting. Every component of the landscape lighting system is subject to heat, moisture, and physical abuse. Landscape lighting wire is especially critical since its corrosion leads to degradation of lamp performance and can potentially lead to system failures.

All outdoor wire is subject to “wicking.” Wicking is the migration of water and electrolytes under wire insulation. This moisture travels from wherever the wire has been cut (including splice points, socket connections, and transformer terminals). The wicking problem has long been recognized by marine engineers since moisture is constantly present in the marine environment.

The presence of moisture in landscaping makes outdoor lighting wiring more akin to marine applications than to wiring used in the low-moisture indoor environments. For this reason, CAST has adopted the marine-grade standard featuring No-Ox wire.

CAST No-Ox® Marine-Grade Tin-Coated Landscape Lighting Wire is highly corrosion resistant and retains its conductivity far longer than all-copper wire.

Homeowners do not easily see the value in using Marine-Grade wire. If you, the professional, assure them that the use of this wire will add longevity and reliability to their lighting system, they will be willing to absorb the extra cost. (Keep in mind that No-Ox wire is just a few dollars more than all-copper wire.)