How Do I Price a Landscape Lighting Installation Job?

This question comes up every day. The answer is so simple, straight-forward and basic yet it’s only today that a very successful contractor put in terms we can all understand.

“Trust The Numbers”

By that he meant add all the costs– materials, labor, transportation, marketing, sales, insurance, licensing and a percentage of all your costs associated with owning and maintaining a business.  Then add your profit. Profit is what is left...

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Training Seminar- Low Voltage Transformers

Our latest training seminar covered transformer troubleshooting tips and tricks.  We had three different 600 Watt low voltage transformers, Unique, Universal 22 tap and a Kichler 15 tap.  Kichler and Universal work with breakers while the Unique transformer has a fusing system.  All equally good, you just need to know the subtleties of each. 

If you couldn’t make it out in person, here’s a quick summary of topics we hit. 

So when...

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Outdoor Lighting Focus: Unique Lighting

Unique Lighting offers both quality and versatility in today’s landscape lighting market

Unique has emerged as one of the main innovators in today’s outdoor lighting marketing by coming up with the idea of a multi-tap transformer as well as other innovative approaches. For instance, many of Unique’s landscape fixtures come equipped with floating sockets, which allow for most MR-16 LED and halogen lamps. Also, all of the Unique lighting fixtures have a 25...

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Our Review: New Ushio Uphoria 2 LED Lamps

People have been asking us our thoughts on these new lamps. We’ve had these on the shelf and out in the field for about 6 months now and we have a good feel for how they are performing.


Here is the bottom line. For the money, we think these LED lamps are the best value in the landscape lighting market right now. They really are Ushio quality in feel, fit, and performance and come with a three-year warranty. The key to these lamps is the enclosed fixture and damp...

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Three Ways to increase your profits as a Landscape Contractor

Landscaping contractors and small businesses in the outdoor living industry know that the business is prone to a feast or famine mentality. We work with a lot of landscaping and outdoor living companies and wanted to share three ways to bring more money to your bottom line.

1. Add landscape lighting to your list of services you provide After all the beautiful work the homeowner has just paid you to do, they often need the extra touch that lighting provides. ...

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Tech Tip: Countering Voltage Drop

With regard to electricity, voltage is best described as pressure. Think of a garden hose of .5” diameter that is 50 feet long. Let’s hook it up to a spigot and turn it on full blast, we’ll have pretty good pressure at the nozzle end right? Now let’s add 100 feet of the same size hose, and we get a large reduction in pressure at the nozzle. It works the same with electricity. Longer wire = greater resistance = lower voltage (pressure). Given that we need 150 feet of hose (or wire),...

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How to make more money this year as a landscape lighting contractor

The single most profitable day is the day you devote to developing your marketing plan for your landscape lighting business. Research studies have repeatedly shown that businesses with a marketing plan continuously outperform those that don’t by 25-30% on an annual basis. So why do less than 1% of all contractors actually do it.

You are an entrepreneur. You started your business because you had a dream, you wanted to be your own boss and you wanted to make money. We all want to make...

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