Best Way to Sell Landscape Lighting- Perfect the Skill of Listening

The first order of business in landscape lighting sales is to perfect the skill of listening.

Really that is all you have to do to make sales. Intent, interested, concerned, listening.

The most important thing to a home owner/prospective client at a first meeting is that you understand exactly what they want to accomplish and your “vision of the scope of work” matches their “vision.” We always say let the client speak to the point of total exhaustion – wait until they turn to you and say “well what do you think? You’re the expert!” (and if you’ve done a perfect job of listening they will turn to you and ask) Then it’s just as important that you feed back to them exactly what they told you including the smallest details.

This is the first step in building a like, trust and confidant relationship which will elevate your status to Consultant Sales. In a Consultant Sales arena the sale is assumed – the client is buying – now it’s your job to provide them with the options to make an informed choice.

The best way to sell landscape lighting is to perfect the skill of listening.