What are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

The Benefits of LED Lighting
One of the most frequently asked questions from our Ask the Expert section on our site is “Why are LEDs or light engines better than other lamps?” It even comes up in conversations at dinner parties so we know it’s a high priority for our customers and their clients.

So whether you need to give a quick answer to a customer or just want to impress someone you just met, here are a few points on the benefits of LED lighting and Light Engines.

Think of an LED lamp or lighting product as an appliance rather than incandescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.
Sure, LEDs cost more, but will last much longer than a traditional light bulb. The estimated retail cost of an LED is roughly 10 times that of a CFL bulb but lasts over 8 times longer. The numbers are even more dramatic for incandescent as you can see in the chart below. When you add the dramatically better life with the significant reduction in annual operating costs and electricity bills of LEDs the choice for your next installation is clear. Click image to view larger version

Why are LED lights better?LEDs will drop light output instead of failing abruptly like more traditional bulbs.
This dimming allows your customer to detect an issue early and gives you time to economically schedule a repair instead of fielding panicked emergency phone calls from homeowners and paying overtime to installers.

The latest LED technology means designers and contractors can now achieve the impossible to amaze their customers.
New products like Brilliance LEDs MR-16 create ultra wide floods up to 120 degrees so low hanging lights have broader spreads and signage can be captured by just one lamp. These lamps can also be installed in damp locations or totally enclosed luminaries so it’s easier than ever to illuminate difficult to light spaces.

So the next time someone asks you “Are LEDs really better than other light bulbs?” You will have lots of great information you can share so they go from questioning to demanding LEDs. And when they do, be sure to call Outdoor Lighting Distributors for all your installation needs.

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