Training Seminar- Low Voltage Transformers

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 3.55.40 PMOur latest training seminar covered transformer troubleshooting tips and tricks.  We had three different 600 Watt low voltage transformers, Unique, Universal 22 tap and a Kichler 15 tap.  Kichler and Universal work with breakers while the Unique transformer has a fusing system.  All equally good, you just need to know the subtleties of each. 

If you couldn’t make it out in person, here’s a quick summary of topics we hit. 

So when you get the homeowner telling you, “I have no lights,” or “half the lights in my yard are out”, are you going to know the steps to fix it?  Or even know where to start?  Start by looking at the timer to see if you can tell the time and/or if it’s the correct time.  If not, check the power at the receptacle.  If there is no power, could be the breaker in the house where maybe they’ve added amperage to the line.  If there is power to the transformer, check your breakers or fuses to make sure they are working and on.  Check the voltage at the taps.  No voltage there?  It could be the relay or faulty breaker.  If your breaker trips instantly, check your amperage on the home run.  Amperage should equal total watts divided by the volts (tap used).  If it’s over 25 amps, breaker will trip.  It could be a cut wire or overloaded runs. 

We all know that there will be problems with landscape lighting systems, so it’s smart to have a game plan for when that happens.  And remember, our experts are here to help, so give us a call with any questions or problems you have.  Definitely sign-up for next month’s training Tuesday!!