3 Steps to Better Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation Sales

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We often hear from our customers that closing a sale for outdoor lighting design and installation can be one of the most challenging (and frustrating) tasks involved in lighting design and installation. You can have the best price, the best product and the best service, but the job goes to one of your competitors. Instead of continuously cutting your price perhaps more focus should be placed on how the customer perceives you or your sales team. Do you seem rushed and ready to move on to the next sale? Do you look uncomfortable because you know sales is not your strong suit and you just want to get back to running your business? It could be any number of things that color their perception of you. So how do you change your approach?

One of the biggest things you can do is make sure you listen to your customer.

So how good of a listener are you? By using these three steps to mastering the art of listening, you’ll find closing sales will become easier and you’ll develop stronger, more loyal relationships with your customers as well as a better business owner, spouse and friend.

Repeat what they say. While repeating your customer’s statements back to them may seem like you’re not paying attention, you would be surprised at how many people develop a direct connection with people who use this tactic properly. For example:

Your customer: “I want my family to feel safe at home at night, but I don’t want my neighbors to feel like they live next to a prison.”

You: “If you want to feel safe at home but not have your house look like a prison, we can create a lighting design and installation plan that does that and minimizes the impact to your electric bill. How does that sound?”

Get clarification. In conversations where you are not truly engaged, it can be easier to let confusion or contradictory statements pass without clarification because it will take longer to explain. However, if you make a point to ask for an immediate explanation you create a rapport that shows you ARE engaged in what they are saying and creates a deeper rapport with the customer. For example:
Your customer: “I want my family to feel safe at home at night, but I don’t want my neighbors to feel like they live next to a prison.”
You: “So let me clarify… You don’t want your house to look like a prison but tell me what a prison looks like to you.”

Focus… Literally & Figuratively. Everyone knows that most people are only partially engaged in any given conversation. We have been trained in this new multitasking world to be thinking about the next job, hiring more workers, cutting expenses, managing our time or demands at home. On sales calls, you might find yourself examining the property or starting the design in your head. The solution here is simple… stop looking around both mentally and physically.

If you are focused on your customer and what their needs are you’ll build a relationship with them that transcends price and make you more successful in lighting design and installation.