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Breakfast of Champions for Outdoor Landscape Lighting

On September 10, Kichler and Outdoor Lighting hosted a “Breakfast of Champions” recognizing Outdoor Lighting Distributor’s Top Ten customers. The event was held at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando and was a generous gesture to show our appreciation, as well as honor our customers’ loyalty to both Outdoor Lighting Distributors and Kichler.

The morning started with a warm welcome, which was followed by a great breakfast. The Kichler team introduced themselves and talked about...

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Ways to increase your email open rates

As a business owner, when you send out your email marketing campaigns, do you monitor your open rate results? Do you spend time wondering how to increase them? Why do some customers open them more than others? Was your subject line the best it could be?

Here are some ways to increase your email open rates.

1. Break your email list into smaller groups. By cutting your master email list into smaller segments, and modifying your content to more directly target...

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Best Way to Sell Landscape Lighting- Perfect the Skill of Listening

The first order of business in landscape lighting sales is to perfect the skill of listening.

Really that is all you have to do to make sales. Intent, interested, concerned, listening.

The most important thing to a home owner/prospective client at a first meeting is that you understand exactly what they want to accomplish and your “vision of the scope of work” matches their “vision.” We always say let the client speak to the point of total exhaustion ...

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Brilliance LED launches new all Ceramic Beacon Series LED lights

The Beacon Series rolls out a Green Industry first with our all ceramic line of fine retrofit LED lamps. By replacing the aluminum base with ceramic, we are achieving a high level of eco-sensitivity, and lowering the overall carbon footprint of our manufacturing process. The use of ceramic also reduces the need for additional adhesives, fully insulates, reduces shock hazards, and dissipates heat twice as fast. Most importantly, the Beacon series provides 200 lumens of the highest...

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