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3 Steps to Better Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation Sales

We often hear from our customers that closing a sale for outdoor lighting design and installation can be one of the most challenging (and frustrating) tasks involved in lighting design and installation. You can have the best price, the best product and the best service, but the job goes to one of your competitors. Instead of continuously cutting your price perhaps more focus should be placed on how the customer perceives you or your sales team. Do you seem rushed and ready to move on to...

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What are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

One of the most frequently asked questions from our Ask the Expert section on our site is “Why are LEDs or light engines better than other lamps?” It even comes up in conversations at dinner parties so we know it’s a high priority for our customers and their clients.

So whether you need to give a quick answer to a customer or just want to impress someone you just met, here are a few points on the benefits of LED lighting and Light Engines.

Think of an LED lamp or...

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