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Three Ways to increase your profits as a Landscape Contractor

Landscaping contractors and small businesses in the outdoor living industry know that the business is prone to a feast or famine mentality. We work with a lot of landscaping and outdoor living companies and wanted to share three ways to bring more money to your bottom line.

1. Add landscape lighting to your list of services you provide After all the beautiful work the homeowner has just paid you to do, they often need the extra touch that lighting provides. ...

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Tech Tip: Countering Voltage Drop

With regard to electricity, voltage is best described as pressure. Think of a garden hose of .5” diameter that is 50 feet long. Let’s hook it up to a spigot and turn it on full blast, we’ll have pretty good pressure at the nozzle end right? Now let’s add 100 feet of the same size hose, and we get a large reduction in pressure at the nozzle. It works the same with electricity. Longer wire = greater resistance = lower voltage (pressure). Given that we need 150 feet of hose (or wire),...

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How to make more money this year as a landscape lighting contractor

The single most profitable day is the day you devote to developing your marketing plan for your landscape lighting business. Research studies have repeatedly shown that businesses with a marketing plan continuously outperform those that don’t by 25-30% on an annual basis. So why do less than 1% of all contractors actually do it.

You are an entrepreneur. You started your business because you had a dream, you wanted to be your own boss and you wanted to make money. We all want to make...

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